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Solid Surfacing material is durable and extremely versatile.
Take a look at our wide range of beautiful and fun products!
New items available...
Now available: never be without a pen or stylus (hand crafted solid surface pen and stylus combination now available) many colors and styles to choose from.

New items coming soon...
Available June 1st: Secret compartment key chain, also hand crafted from solid surface. Use this handy little creation to store toothpicks, emergency cash, or other like sized items.


Trivets are available in all sizes from 4X4’s and larger (squares, rectangles, circles etcetera)

Cutting Boards

Popular sizes are 8X10, 11X14, 15X20—numerous design options available such as squares, rectangles, circles, football w/ and w/o handles, double handles, and single handles.

Large Holiday Platters

15X25 w/ routed juice groove 


 Pens and Pencils

Hand Turned Mechanical Pencils & Twist Pens
(Cross® Mechanisms)

 Letter Opener

Solid Surface Letter Opener

 Coffee Scoop

1 TBLS. Coffee Scoops

 Mantle Clocks

6x6, 6x8, 6x10, 8x10 popular sizes—custom sizes available upon request. Colors may be selected from a wide variety of solid surface name brands such as Wilsonart Earthstone,


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